The Data Project

What is The Data Project? Right now, two things:

Take a Survey, Fix the World

We’re looking to use data to gain insights into how our complex world works. You can help us build some of that data by taking our surveys. We’ll try to cover topics like consumer literacy and big social and technology trends. But no politics. There’s already way too much of that.

Teach Yourself Data Analytics in 30 Days

Work through eight data stories that explore some fascinating topics like:

  • Do strong property rights translate to greater economic development?
  • What can we learn about representative government from parliamentary voting patterns?
  • Is the success of elite athletes a product of their birthdates?

The stories are interesting on their own. But there’s no doubt what they’re really all about is Python data analytics. Each story/chapter contains all the information you would need to go out and get the raw data and then write the Python code necessary to solve a specific problem. Or, in other words, each chapter teaches new Python skills in the context of a real-world scenario.

If you’re motivated and have a bit of available time, I think you can use those stories to teach yourself data analytics in 30 days.

If you prefer, you can buy it as a book. Or just head over to the Teach Yourself corner of the site and work through the complete curriculum for free.

Either way, you’ll find everything you need to build your own basic data analytics skills, including:

  • Getting Python up and running on Jupyter Notebooks (or JupyterLab, if you prefer)
  • Finding and cleaning data sources
  • Plotting your data
  • Python functions
  • Understanding results through domain knowledge and tools like regression lines

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