The Data Project is a bi-directional program. I provide ideas, background, and some analysis, and you help me fill in the holes.

You see, there’s no way I could hunt down all the relevant details defining these big issues on my own. So I’m asking you to read the articles you’ll find here, perhaps visualize the code for yourself, and then share your expertise, skills, and domain knowledge with the rest of us. I’ll update articles with your insights as they come in – including full attribution where appropriate.

In the meantime, enjoy these data stories:

Does Increased Public School Funding Lead to Improved Educational Outcomes? What does the real-world data say about the relationship between funding and academic success?

Telemarketing (Imposter) Fraud. Spam, robocalls, and fraud scams are a blight on modern life. What’s been done to stop them, and what’s actually worked.

Canadian Parliamentary Budgets and the Real World. Governments promise. Governments plan. But how often do their plans result in actual progress?